Teaching Our Kids The Practical Applications Of The Law Of Attraction

I was doing some chores in the kitchen last week and my husband was watching a show featuring Criss Angel’s magic tricks. He’s a renowned illusionist and magician. He was having an interview and everything he was saying was just in the background as I was so engrossed with what I was doing at that time.

Until he mentioned the power of the mind. He explained, that although computers were invented to do fast calculations and do wonders for us, our minds are still more powerful. One just have to know how to unleash its powers. This, according to him is what he uses to do his magics and illusions.

So if Criss can suspend himself in the air for five hours or submerged himself in a gallon water torture cell chained and shackled for 24 hours before escaping, he has definitely mastered the practical applications of the law of attraction.

As the saying goes, think it and be it. It’s the power of positive thinking – taken to the next level.

Imagine how our lives could be a lot better if we know how to manifest our own desires and goals? Imagine how healthy we could be if we know how to free up our mind and heal ourselves?

Imagine how our children would benefit from this if we can program them to attract their own success, happiness and good health?

Think about it. The choice is yours. I’ve already started opening up my mind and learning about the law of attraction and powers of the mind as much as I could so I can pass it on to my kids and ensure their success, happiness, and good health.

When are you gonna start your quest?


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