Eating Out – Wheat Free

Eating out when on any allergy based diet is difficult; we tried it last weekend aiming to avoid wheat. We were quite successful with the local pubs who could all tell us if they had any wheat free items on the menu even if most of them said they didn’t have any!!

Searching on the internet however did show that some chains are improving not only the information they publish but also their menu choices.

JD Wetherspoon

The Wetherspoon chain have impressed us with their menu; not only does it give very detailed information (both on the in pub menus and on the internet) but also has a very wide range of dishes for people with allergies.

This 1st link is to the pub chains Food and Drinks Page:

JD Wetherspoon – Food & Drink

The 2nd link gives you a menu to select which allergens you wish to avoid and then lists all the menu items you can eat – a great web page!

JD Wetherspoon – Detailed Dietary Information


Whilst McDonalds doesn’t offer that many menu items for those people with allergies it does give a comprehensive breakdown of allergens for the whole of the menu which is very good:

This link is to the general Food page

McDonalds – Food

The 2nd link allows you to select a menu item and it gives a detailed list of all allergens

McDonalds – Menu Items and their Allergens

Any feedback would be much appreciated so we know what you are all interested in!!!


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