We now seem to be spending far too much time in supermarkets reading lables and it is becoming more and more frustrating. There appears to be only a small amount of gluten free and wheat free food available but when you start searching and reading the ingredient lables there is more out there – its just difficult to find. This is probably true for the other food allergies I need to ask friends and family and see if they are as frustrated as us!

Eating out in restaurants is also interesting; some places have a gluten free menu which sounds great but then it turns out that the steak is wheat free! oh and the salad is wheat free as well what a surprise! To be fair there are some better restaurants that provide detailed allergy information for all their dishes. We will start a list of food allergy helpful restaurants and add it to these pages soon.

Another frustration is not knowing how easy it is for the rest of the world to find this blog. We are aiming to write an entry every day and try and provide helpful information to other people with food allergies but it is difficult to know when Google, Yahoo and the others will get round to including us on their pages. Also, when they do we will probably be on page 10,000!

If you are reading this then please create a login and leave me a comment!! Also if you know any web sites or blogs that we could create mutual links with please let me know as this will help our non existant page rankings!!!

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