Why Free From Food?

Our daughter was six months old, exactly the right age to start weaning and as she was our second child we thought we knew what we were doing. So several months followed of trying her on a range of fruits, vegetables and grains, slowly introducing each one and watching her enjoy the flavours and textures.

We then started to notice that she had some rashes, most in the areas where you would expect eczema to be, elbows and knees, but some were on her face and she seemed to be getting puffy and more and more unhappy. She used to be a baby that happily went off to sleep on her own but now she was trashing around in the cot and couldn’t settle at night. Then something clicked to explain what was going on. It seemed that a few minutes after having certain foods the rash got worse and she started to itch and get upset. We worked out that wheat and certain fruits were the cause; this was later confirmed at an allergy clinic. Since the diagnosis and eliminating wheat and fruit she has returned to a happy and healthy toddler.

We now have 5 family members with food allergies; one Coeliac, 2 with dairy intolerances, 1 with wheat intolerance and our daughter with a wheat and fruit allergy. We have also found out the difference between a food intolerance and a food allergy and are spending more and more time trying out the "Free From Food" ranges in our local supermarkets with mixed success.

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