Wheat Intolerance & Children’s Food

If you have children with a wheat intolerance and don’t have time to cook all the time what do you give them to eat?

Searching the internet shows up lots of web sites and blogs about cooking for a wheat free life but many people do not have time to cook a full meal for their child every day. So what is available and where can you get it?

All the major supermarkets in the UK have a Free From Food section but in general these product ranges don’t offer ready meals. Instead you need to hunt through the childrens meals looking for those that don’t contain wheat. The same issues arise for those with a gluten intolerance or dairy intolerance.

From our experience Ocado currently has a very good range of wheat free childrens meals; we will create a list of those meals and those available at other supermarkets and post it here soon.

We will also look into other childrens food such as gluten free sausages, chicken nuggets and chips – all of the normal childrens favourites.

If you have any suggestions of good allergen free childrens meals please let us know

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