Are You Ignorant Or Enlightened?

There are two states of being: the state of ignorance and the state of enlightenment.

People who live in ignorance are not simply aware that their thoughts and actions create their reality. They continue to think and speak negatively and have no idea why they always get what they don’t want in life. They ALWAYS blame others for their unhappiness.

Those who are enlightened knows that they have a choice about how they experience life. They continue to create their reality with their thoughts and words. They take responsibility for making their lives work.

Hot moms are enlightened. They are fully aware that they are the cause of their reality, not the effect, and therefore, see themselves as the creator — not merely a victim of circumstances.

Others might argue that negative thoughts just pop into their minds and have no control over them. Simply because a negative thought comes into your mind doesn’t mean you need to make it real. You don’t have to act on it, identify with it, or believe it. Just refuse to give it energy and let it go.

So here are some mom tips for you. A tall order for being a hot mom is to watch your thoughts and words. Always be aware. Every thought and every word has a vibration that goes out and affects your world like the rippling effect of a pebble thrown into a pond. The more energy and emotion you put behind your thoughts and words, the more it gets manifested into your reality.

In short, shift your thinking and talking from what you don’t want to what you actually want. It’s just rephrasing what used to come out of you. In talking to my kids, I always ask them what they want, or what’s working (instead of what’s wrong), or what could be right. Helps to shift their thinking to see more of the positive. Better train them early.

As always, stay fabulous my hot mom community!

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