Make Room For A Happy New You

It’s new year. Everybody’s busy making new goals and priorities for 2009. Everyone, except me. I feel weird. Usually, I would have something listed in my pda. But not this year. Somehow, I found myself busy and obsessed with de-cluttering! I’ve been throwing a lot of stuff — mostly papers from my office in the past couple of days. Have cleared my closet of clothes I no longer “want”. Even those that are quietly seating in boxes in the basement are bothering me. I’ll be calling salvation army soon to get rid of those boxes — as soon as I clear my children’s closet of their unwanted stuff as well.

So why am I so obsessed with getting rid of stuff instead of setting my goals for the year? Something tells me that I have to make room. Make room for what? I have no idea. Whatever it is, I just got to put my trust on my intuitive side.

According to Cheryl Richardson’s book “Take Time For Your Life“, clutter is one of the things that drains people their energies. The stuff that we hold on to, either in our heads, or in our environment, takes up space that could be available for new opportunities, great people, additional business, or even more money.

Something tells me that my plate is too full right now to be adding new goals and my obsession with de-clutterring is my way of creating space for better things to come into my life. So there you go my hot mom friends. Make way for a happy new you, by saying good bye to all the things you no longer need and no longer serve you.

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