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Looking at the Free From Food Ranges in the UK supermarkets it is clear that only a small percentage of the food aisles and therefore sales are covered. A large number of Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free and other allergen free products are not included in the Free From Food ranges and therefore not obvious to the buying public.

This is clearly shown on the Tesco website, a search for "Free From Range" produces only 58 products which is a very small percentage of the Teco Range. It is clear from our own shopping at Tesco that there are more products than are included on the "Free From Food" range but they are difficult to find.

Non of the other major supermarkets are any better; they all hold limited ranges and it is not easy to find all of their products that are allergen free.

As a first step of our attempt to understand what is available we have updated the list of crisps that are available at supermarkets and which ones are free from which allergens. This list can be found through the below link:

Supermarket Crisps

As ever comments and emails are much appreciated.

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