Mom Time With Dazzle Dry

I love getting my nails done. Not only does it make my nails look good, it makes me feel good too. I love to pamper myself every now and then. I owe it to myself for working hard and I absolutely deserve it.

However, I’ve been noticing lately that my nails turn yellow whenever I remove the nail polish. Totally not a pretty site. Being quite the researcher that I am, I’ve started looking for what’s causing the nails to turn yellow. I have found out that lacquers or nail polish usually contain nitrocellulose which causes the yellowing of the nails. What’s alarming is that the ones you can usually find in the salons and stores have a host of other toxic chemicals in them like formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalate. These chemicals are known to cause cancer or reproductive harm. Ugh! My manicure and pedicure days at the salon are over!

I did not transform my whole family’s lifestyle to a green and organic one, just to get exposed to another source of harmful and toxic stuff. The goal of this whole transformation effort was to maintain being healthy and prevent disease. So I avoid as much as I can, and get rid of whatever gets in the way and conflicts with that goal.

But I’m not quite ready to quit pampering and beautifying my nails yet. Finding and switching to a safe yet effective alternative was my only option. And so I did! I found Dazzle Dry!

Dazzle Dry is a quick-dry nail polish system that is the GREENEST of all nail polish formulas. It is purely vegan and non-toxic. It is the world’s only nail polish that is FREE of nitrocellulose, tolune, formaldhyde and phthalate. Wow! And if those are not impressive enough yet, it has a non-yellowing, color stable formula! All my issues with the regular nail lacquers have been addressed! Now let’s see if it can deliver.

When my Dazzle Dry kit arrived, me and my kids were practically head over heels with it and can’t wait to put it on. The kit came with one nail prep, one base coat, 3 nail lacquers of your choice, and one top coat.

First thing I did was to clean my nails thoroughly, and spread the nail prep all over my nails with a cotton ball. Then I put on the base coat and waited about two minutes to dry. My favorite part was applying the heart of fire lacquer. It was a hot pink! I did two coats for a deeper and richer coverage. And finally, I’ve concluded my pampering mom time with putting on the top coat. Only waited about ten minutes to dry. No UV light, just plain, simple air-dry, and I’m done! Probably took me about 20 -25 minutes to complete the whole thing including the drying time. And this was my first time doing it myself! A well spent mom time for the perfect nails.

The nail prep actually strengthens the nails with calcium, vitamin B5, and hydrolyzed protein. The base coat keeps the nail polish longer. Mine lasted about 12 days. Not bad. Both the lacquer and top coat contains ultraviolet screen that protects the nail color. And best of all, the top coat is not only non-yellowing, but also fast drying. Yes, my nails were not yellow at all when I removed the nail polish. It DID deliver!

My take on this? Dazzle Dry is the BEST nail polish out there. I’d never go back to salons unless they use Dazzle Dry. I’ll just keep on ordering it from VB Cosmetics for $54.00. A little more expensive than a pedicure from a regular salon, but hey, it lasts several applications, as oppose to one time only. Plus, it’s green and free of all those chemical toxins, I’m so scared of.

It’s totally worth the price, and my mom time. Go check it out, my hot mom community, and start pampering yourselves — the green and safe way!

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