Mom Time With My Little Fashionistas

As young as they are, both my 7 year old and 4 year old daughters are so into fashion these days. Not that they would demand that I buy them stuff. No, they’re not little brats. They are actually very creative and would literally make a fashion statement out of what they have at home – be it clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

They love to play dress ups. They would just use whatever princess costume they had for the past years. See, their halloween costumes aren’t worn only on that day. Instead, I let them wear it anytime they feel like dressing up at home. These past few months, though, my 7 year old has graduated from wearing princess costumes, to just whatever she has on her closet and “accentuate” it.

I just love spending my mom time watching them do their pretend plays and dress ups. I love listening to their conversations as well. Whether I’m a participant in their pretend plays or just an observer, they never cease to amaze me!

Last Saturday, I got them a fashion sketch design book for Valentine’s day. They love it, of course! Both of them immediately started sketching. Seeing them express their creativity in paper made me even more proud of them, so here I am showcasing some of my budding fashionistas’ works of art!

Which of Gaby’s designs above do you like best?

Which of Gizelle’s creations do you love the most?

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