Love Yourself On Valentine’s

It’s natural for us moms to put others first before ourselves. Why not? We always want to be there for our love ones — our children, husband, family, friends, etc. That’s basically how we, as moms, are.

Here’s the catch, though. If you are always putting others first before yourself, you could be unconsciously filling yourself with resentmet, and telling yourself at a deep level that “you don’t matter”. Take note, I said “unconsciously”. You can’t just put everyone else ahead of yourself without some part of you suffering deep down. Your true self knows what you need and if you’re busy taking care of everyone else, some part of you will break down at some point. These feelings of being unheard, unimportant, or unworthy of getting your needs met can manifest into certain problems in your body and could result into depression, indifference, anger, ailments, obesity, etc.

Creating a balance in our lives is on top of my mom tips list. By balance I mean being there for ourselves as well as being there for our love ones. Since it’s Valentine’s, think of love that starts in ourselves first. Loving yourself means honoring yourself and doing your best to see to it that your needs get met. It’s not being selfish. If you make it a priority to take care of yourself first, there is more of you available to take care of others. It ensures you are at your best for the people you value the most.

Spend some mom time thinking of ways you can feel nurtured while spending your Valentine’s day with your love ones.

The more you love and nurture yourself, the more others can support you in this way. You cannot expect others, especially the people around you (yes, I mean your kids, husband, friends, etc.), treat you differently if you are unkind and unloving to yourself. It all starts with your attitude towards yourself.

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