Why You Should Organify?

With all kinds of illnesses and ailments that are happening around us, it is best to get an awareness and education on how we could best protect ourselves and our love ones. We need to pay attention on what we’re eating because foods that are loaded with toxins and pesticides makes our immune system weak and vulnerable to diseases. Eating whole organic foods is one of the best defenses we could give our body.

Organic foods are not genetically modified, no pesticides, antibiotics, additives, or growth hormones. They are produced naturally without any man-made chemicals. Having said this, foods that are chemically altered or laden have 50% LESS nutritional value than organic foods.

Hormones and antibiotics added to foods causes early maturation in children especially girls! Antibiotics laden food are direct causes of allergies. Having only organic diet (for the most part) ensures that our kids will mature the way nature intends with little or no allergies to suffer with.

Many chemicals found in non-organic food are linked to many types of cancer. Organic foods help your body fight viruses, illnesses and diseases, providing you a more wholesome, chemical-free option.

Having an organic lifestyle not only helps you gain more strength and energy, you also contribute in saving our environment and planet by supporting our local farmers. Spend a little mom time reading more about organic lifestyle. Contrary to what you may have been hearing, it is not always expensive. There are many ways to buy organic foods and household items at a much lower price – sometimes even cheaper than its branded non-organic counterpart.

Taking some mom time to learn more about it and slowly incorporating it into your lifestyle will change your life for the better!

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