A Recipe for Building Strong Families and Happy Children

I just attended a lunch n learn event that was conducted by Ceridian Corporation which talked about the 5 key things essential for building strong families and happy children. They are:


Building that sense of belonging in our children. Developing trust with one another enhances their ability to deal with adversity. Parents who are not connected with their kids usually miss the signs when their kids are in trouble. It’s all about making our children feel secure and knows that we are always gonna be there for them no matter what. Communication fosters connection.


Discover your kid’s talents and passions, build their imagination and promote cooperation through the concept of play and flow. It’s about spending quality time with them and showing them they’re worth your time. Teaches curiosity and social skills, develop confidence, and letting them learn from failure. An effective way of teaching lesson on positive emotions and confidence. Effective play challenges the minds and fosters relationships while they’re having fun. It also encourage them to develop their own ideas. Ineffective play is very structured, has too many rules, overly competitive, promotes destructive behavior and not fun at all.


Reinforces certain standards of behavior and builds the bridge from play to mastery. It comes from the satisfaction of doing what you like. It promotes control, discipline, persistence, and enhances ability to seek and receive help.

We, as parents, can support our kids in this effort by becoming involved and having some accountability. We should enjoy the experience and make it fun for them. We need to encourage them and make them feel they could try anything. Talk with them about their fears and help them overcome their issues by encouraging them to at least try. Make them understand that you are fine whether they make it to the top or not. What’s important to you is the fact that they tried and gave it their best.


This is all about encouraging and supporting our kids to become very good at what they do or want to do. Mastery is best achieved when parents are leading by example as oppose to demanding.

It helps build confidence and positive self esteem, develops leadership skills, initiative, desire to learn, and promotes internal motivation.

Watch out, it can be undermined by excessive criticism and unreasonable expectations.


Recognition is about being acknowledged, feeling part of the group and being valued by others. It reinforces motivation, promotes moral behavior and a very good way of improving a child’s confidence.

It’s about your kids getting an identity, giving them internal pride and external connection. It’s basically more on the attitude that you give your kids rather than just words.

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