See How Electronic Devices Affect Your Body

David Wolfe demonstrates on the video below how much radiation and voltage we get exposed to from common electronic devices such as laptops, kindles, iPads, etc. He further explains the serious problems associated with such devices and how you can protect yourself from further exposure.

I’ve learned about this while studying the effects of EMFs (Electromagnetic Field) to our body and in fact have written a post about it: How Technology Affects Our Health And Well-being. My family and I have been wearing rejuvenizers (from another expert) to shield us from these harmful EMFs. I just ordered grounding flip flops to help release these electronic stresses from our body.

Did You Know That You Can Burn Calories Doing Nothing?

Did you know that? Sounds ridiculous isn’t it? But according, you can burn up to 80 extra calories just by drinking a few cups of tea a day! Compounds in tea called catechins may help turn up the dial in your metabolism, increasing the calories you burn as you go about your day. Some research also suggests that tea drinking provides more slimming support by helping calm appetite and curb food intake due to tea’s combination of caffeine and special catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

Here are a few more reasons why should be a tea lover by now:

White tea may help shrink fat cells.

Green tea is great for achy knees.

Black tea is best for improving blood sugar.

Regular tea drinking affects your risk of having a stroke, thus, lengthening your life.

Green tea help revive aging skin cells too!

There you go my hot moms! Tea is inexpensive, calorie free, and full of amazing, good for you antioxidants. So brew yourself a cup of tea and drink up!

iZumba On My Mom Time

So everyone’s curious about Zumba, including me. I went to a facility offering Zumba classes but their schedule wouldn’t fit with mine. But I still wanna try it, and I’m sure my hot mom community would love to try it too, so I searched online and found a 20 minute Zumba Xpress from YouTube. It was fun, it got me sweatin’ and I love it! Until I’m able to find time to go to the gym, this, plus EA Sports Active More Workouts along with my other workout routines at home will have to do.

So for those of you who were asking me for the link, here you go. Have fun!

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