To Tap, Spring, Or Purify? Oh The Choices We Have!

When I was growing up in the Philippines, we didn’t have any water filters. We only drank tap water coz that’s all we had. What my mom did was to filter the tap water using layers of cloths that she would cover the faucet with, when she fills out our glass bottles for the fridge. And I remembered seeing rust like particles on the cloths after filtering out the water. Eeeuuuwww!

The water didn’t taste anything at all, so we were fine with it. When I came here to the States, I couldn’t drink the water that came out of the faucet. It’s just too nasty! So I relied on bottled water all the time.

When we bought our own house, water is just too hard on the skin, clothes, and I didn’t even want to use it for cooking. So we had “purified” bottled water delivered for drinking and cooking. Then we finally had a whole house water softener/filter installed with reverse osmosis and uv light so not only our drinking and cooking water safe, but we’ll have pure clean water for basically everything we use water for. I felt happy and secured with my water for a number of years.

It was only two weeks ago when I came across Daniel Vitalis‘ presentation about water. And I’ve learned a lot of things about it. It’s never safe to drink tap water since it’s been treated with chlorine and lots of other chemicals which is really done to kill harmful organisms. It’s done to protect us, short-term. The fact that it’s loaded with chemicals means it’s harming us in the long run.

Purified water, as I first thought, should be the answer to this. After all, how complicated could it be. The fact that it’s suppose to filter it all out, then we should be all good. Most filters like Brita for instance, as Daniel Vitalis pointed out, doesn’t really filter out chlorine and other harmful stuff. Reverse Osmosis, like what we have here at home, can filter it all out, including the essential minerals that our bodies need. But it also damages the water’s “structure” in the process. No wonder I always feel thirsty no matter how much I drink. In essence, though we have clean, purified water, I feel like we’ve been drinking “dead” water for years. And from what I learned, without the essential minerals found in water, our body tries to get it from our bones, and other places within us.

Spring water (the natural and authentic ones), comes from natural aquifers located around rockbeds and soil. The aquifers are way below the ground. The process it takes for water to get down to an aquifer could take thousands of years and the levels of soil, sand, clay, etc. it goes through is what actually filters it out and makes it pure. Then it naturally finds it way back up which could again take thousands of years and levels of filtration. Spring water is considered to be rich in trace minerals which our bodies need.

One thing to note, according to Daniel, is that not all spring water available at the stores actually comes from spring. Poland Spring, Fiji, and Voss are not spring water. A lot of “spring water” out there comes from well, which again has been treated. Mountain Valley, and Summit Spring are authentic ones, based on my research and has been mentioned by Daniel too.

I’m gonna have Mountain Valley delivered for our drinking and cooking water. It’s available for delivery in my area, compared to Summit Springs which is still not available nationwide. I also like the fact that it’s on a glass container rather than plastic. I’m still retaining our whole house water filter for our other water uses like washing, bathing, etc. After hearing from Daniel that chlorine can actually turn your shower to “gas chamber”, I STILL want our whole house water filter!

I can feel by now that you’re very eager to learn more so I’m sharing a link to Daniel Vitalis‘ presentation about water. Here you go: The True Elixir Of Youth Revealed.

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