Hot Moms Use Dressed To The Nines Lip Colors

I wear my lip colors depending on my mood. I’m usually happy most of the time so I like to wear light lip colors like pink, nude, and peach. Now, when I feel angry for some reason, like I didn’t get enough sleep, or my husband’s annoying me, I like the bloody red for my lip color. I’d go for the darkest brown I can find when I’m trying to scare my kids, LOL!

Because I like to wear different colors to reflect my colorful personality, buying different lip colors for me can get very expensive. And because they are expensive, I often get heart attacks when my kids try to use them as crayons!

So, when Lisa Cocuzza of It’s A Glam Thing sent me the Dressed To The Nines Lip Colors by SKINN, I was delighted beyond measure! So ecstatic that I gave my kids the old ones and told them to paint with them all they want!

Dressed To The Nines Lip Colors by SKINN, is perfect for those who can’t make up their minds and decide which lip color to buy. The 9 Color Collagen Boost Lipstick Compact drenches your lips in the most up-to-date colors delivered with collagen-forming ingredients in a creamy, moisture-rich formula. Best of all, the long wearing multi-dimensional pigments keeps color in place and always looking like you’ve just applied. Nine shades in one compact ensure you’ll have the right look for any mood or occasion, and the collagen boosting peptides will help keep your lips looking plump and full for years to come!

I love the fact that they’re in a single compact case. Nice to have everything in one place and not get confused about having multiple lipsticks which all ends up in my kids’ stuff anyway. The moisture-rich formula helps condition and smooth lip lines. The smoother the lips, the hotter we get! And because it is sooo dang creamy, you can actually apply it using your fingertips! It also comes with two on-the-go lip brushes.

Dressed To The Nines Lip Colors by SKINN retails for $36.00. Fairly priced considering you get all 9 most up to date collagen boosting lipsticks in one sleek compact! And because it’s from SKINN by Dimitri James, you are assured that you’ll get one of the finest cosmetics ever made. You’ll see the difference!

Dazzle Dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover

So I’ve been using the Dazzle Dry Nail Polish for about sometime now and absolutely adore it. One problem I have that has nothing to do with the product, is when it comes to removingthe nail polish. I was just using the regular nail polish removers (because I couldn’t find a natural or organic one) and totally dreads the smell of it. Even my husband, who doesn’t care about whether or not we use organic or toxic stuff, complains everytime I use it.

Thanks to the new Dazzle Dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover, I won’t have to deal with the dreadful smell of regular nail polish removers anymore AND my husband’s very upset face, lol! It has a nice and pleasant lemongrass scent which did NOT trigger any complaints from the hubby the first time I used it. Lemongrass and clove essential oils provide a clean fresh scent and anti microbial properties. The scent also does not stay with your hands after washing.

This nail polish remover really does its job of removing the nail polish — and with ease! It strips off nail polish without drying nails and cuticles. I was pleased with how fast I was able to remove the nail polish with less effort.

Another big thing I like about this product is that it does not leave your nails looking like you’ve decided to scrub your walls with it. No white powdery stuff left, and NOT dry at all! It even moisturizes it.

I would definitely recommend this product to my hot moms club. It comes in an 8 oz. bottle for the price of $10.50 and can be purchased at

Share this mom tip to your other hot mom friends and help end their misery on sniffing those dreadful, nasty smell of regular nail polish removers.

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