Achieving Exxtasy… With Flexxation!

Boy, that was a lot of x’s! And I sure did get your attention with my catchy title, huh. Try enunciating the word with me: F-l-e-x-x-a-t-i-o-n… ten times! See how it “flexxed” your tongue? Well, I sure wished achieving exxtasy was that easy! But it’s not. So what the hell am I talking about?

I’m talking about the hottest exercise in the market today, my hot moms! Flexxation is a combination of yoga and stretching / scuplting / toning exercises. Through Flexxation, you activate your muscles prior to movement for maximum results in minimum time! It is scientifically proven to cut workouts in half while providing twice the results. Now this part, I like. Anything that can help me achieve maximum results for the least amount of time works for me. If I can sculpt and tone my body while sleeping, that would be great too! Hey, I’m a multi-tasker, so zip it!

Flexxation is Amy Cheryl’s creation. She’s the living, breathing, proof that this program works since she has overcome obesity herself using this program. She holds a degree in Nutrition and Exercise, a yoga instructor, an award winning bodybuilder, a figure competitor and contributor to regional and national magazines. She walks the talk!

Anyway, I started with the “Free It Up!” which is a hip-shaking, fat burning, mindful cardio dance moving to Latin grooves! The moves are not that intimidating, meaning, any hot mom can do this. BUT the moves help you get in touch with your inner self and links your magical yogic breath to the fabulous flexxercises! I first thought it wasn’t going to make me sweat that much. But by the end of half hour, I was surely sweating! It’s like running on the treadmill only this one is better!

I followed it up with the YogaFlexx. It sculpts the entire body blending the age old wisdom of vinyasa flow yoga with the innovative new strength training concept of Flexxation (activation of targeted muscles prior and during the movement).

Now, I’ve tried yoga classes before, and I have a yoga dvd that I follow regularly so I thought this is going to be a breeze. Again, the moves are not that hard. It’s how it was working my muscles out that made me shriek a couple of times and woke my husband up thinking I did some stupid stuff and injured myself again. My legs were all wobbly and shaky, I barely got to the end of it.

And the abs exercises? Let me just say it is 170% more effective than traditional crunches. The increased muscle activation equates to greater results in less time!

I was dead tired at the end of the entire workout. My kids were looking at me, all confused. I was laying down on the carpet and could barely move. My body was all sore, but I was very happy. I’m very happy because I got a very good workout. I’m very happy because I can now do yoga and not get bored. I’m happy because I can now retire my old yoga dvd and achieve far greater results and more fun with Flexxation.

I’m very happy because I can do this at the comfort of my home. So when I’m not working, or blogging, or slaving myself with chores and kids stuff, I can just plug this in and be on my merry mom time way. I’m happy because my body seems to be all healed up after three freakin’ days of taking motrin, and applying icy hot! I’m happy because I’m now ready to do it again! and again… and again…

And what about achieving exxtasy? Well, I did not have Amy’s fabulous outfits to begin with! So go figure!


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