Save Your Mom Time With The Safe Copy Backup

Happened to me several times already… My ever dependable computer suddenly dies, and I was left staring into nowhere, trying to calm myself after realizing the fact that my entire work is on that freakin’ hard drive, and all I can say is that I should’ve made a backup. But see, unless you made the time and effort to backup your data, and constantly remembering to update your copy everytime you made changes, when it’s gone, it’s gone forever… Say adios to all your hard work, not to mention those precious memories and pictures that you cannot bring back anymore. A total waste of your mom time!

But who in the world has the time to create backups? Unless this is your fulltime job, it’s so easy to just put this very important task in the backburner, and if you’re like me, putting it in the backburner means completely forgetting about it, until it happens again.

I was fortunate enough to get introduced to this amazing online backup tool that came just right in time. Troy, of Safe Copy Backup has offered me a free trial so that I can see how this tool actually works.

Well, I just downloaded their tool and installed it to my laptop – didn’t even took 5 minutes of my mom time. Then I launched the tool, logged in, and specified which folder(s) to backup. That’s it! It runs in the background ALL THE TIME, making backups of my precious files. It didn’t even slowed down my PC, in fact it’s running now while I’m working on this post. You just set it, and forget it! A perfect tool for all the busy hot moms out there!

Another thing I like about this tool aside from ease of use, is that I can use it to backup all of my laptops! With just one account, I get to backup unlimited number of computers. Windows and Mac can even share the storage space. How cool is that?

I’ve never been a fan of external hard drives. For one, I don’t have it. Well, I don’t have it because I think it’s just more work on my part. It’s pain enough to do the backup manually, remembering to update the backup is even more painful! And what good is a backup if it’s not the latest copy anyway? Besides, external hard drives can be stolen and damaged that’s why online type of backup like the Safe Copy Backup is more ideal for me.

And since it’s online, I can even access my files from any computer, including internet enabled smartphones, and iPhones! I can even share files to my friends by sending them private email links instead of sending huge files which everybody hates.

I know… you want one too, huh. Well, go ahead and download the FREE trial at Safe Copy Backup. It’s for everyone! And after your FREE trial period is done, a 150 Gigs of data is only $50 a year! The peace of mind I now have as well as the ease of use, is totally worth the price! And if you signup now, you will get a 5% discount as well as a chance to win flower arrangements for 1 year! Awesome!

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