On Mom Care: My Tooth Fairy Gave Me A Tooth Soap!

My tooth fairy finally had it. She was tired of me switching from one toothpaste to another. Eversince I’ve read about all the bad stuff regular toothpastes have, I’ve been constantly searching for the perfect toothpaste — one that doesn’t have any of the bad stuff BUT actually works. That’s why my husband tells me to stop reading. The more I read, the more I know, and the more paranoid I become. So reading for him is actually bad!

Anyway, back to my tooth fairy. She got tired of me whinning about how one toothpaste doesn’t really work, or how one tastes awful, that she finally sent me the Tooth Soap! What the hell is a tooth soap?

Tooth soap, my hot mom friends, is my new BFF. Forget about toothpastes. It’s a pure soap for your teeth! Unlike your regular everyday toothpastes, the tooth soap does NOT contain highly undesirable chemicals like flouride, sticky glycerin, dyes, artificial flavors and sweeteners. Research proves that using pure soap is the best thing a person can do to improve dental health. Tooth Soap cleans teeth and gums perfectly, removing oils and other contaminants from the teeth so that teeth can re-mineralize from nutrients in the diet.

Tooth Soap contains only saponified organic extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, filtered water and essential oils. It does not contain SLS, glycerin, stabilizers, preservatives, silicates, fluoride or other materials than can damage teeth. Nice! And what’s nicer is that it tastes great, even my kids can’t wait to brush their teeth at night and in the morning! And because my kids love it so much, there is no going back to the regular toxic toothpastes we had before. I’m sure that once you try Tooth Soap, you’ll be convinced at how different your teeth and gums feel the first time.

So I’m giving my tooth fairy the thumbs up, not only for giving me the Tooth Soap, but for also including the Tooth Brightener and Tooth Swish! Man oh man, I loved how the Tooth Brightener whitens my teeth, and how the Tooth Swish freshens my breath — all naturally!

I thank you, Tooth Soap (Tooth Brightener and Tooth Swish as well) for ending my search for the perfect oral mom care. I am definitely recommending my hot mom community to give it a try. And see what you’re missing!

Back To School With NOplastic!

My kids will be back to school in September, but it seems like everybody else is going back this month. People are now ultra-busy buying stuff for school. It’s just expenses anywhere I turn! Good thing Noplastic.ca is offering a Back To School promotion this whole month of August. You’ll get $10 off any purchase of $100 or more by using the promo code: augustpromo.

My kids love their awesome lunchbots as well as their flasks! Not only do they look cool, they’re totally the healthier alternative to plastics! Have you seen my review about these lunchbots yet? I’m just sooo happy I’ve purchased them for my kids. They’re totally worth it!

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