HexBug Nano Party

I’ve been selected to host a HexBug Nano Halloween Party. When the kit had arrived, I was going to have a party for my eldest daughter’s birthday that weekend. Perfect timing! My daughter can’t wait to share these awesome HexBugs with her friends and guests.

My HexBug Nano Party kit included the following:

12 Limited Edition HexBug Nano Halloween Zombie bugs

Each limited edition HexBug Nano Halloween Zombie will rise to the occasion from its coffin-shaped packaging and glows in the dark to make sure kids are happily trick or shrieking.

15 Glows in the dark HexBug Nano Galileo Collection bugs

With the Glows in the dark HexBug Nano Galileo Collection, fun can come to life during the day or night.

2 Glows in the dark Nano Habitat Sets

This set allows you to create a variety of customizable playgrounds and includes 10 easy to connect pieces.

2 extremely rare flow in the dark HexBug Nano mutations

4 easy to connect glows in the dark curved pieces

3 easy to connect glows in the dark straight pieces

3 easy to connect glows in the dark hexagon pieces

- 1 Glows in the dark HexBug Nano Elevation Habitat Set

This set features a multi-level spiral ramp that rises two levels up, 52 easy to connect pieces and 2 rare HexBug Nanos.

16 two packs additional batteries

I didn’t tell the kids that I’d be giving away HexBug Nanos during the party so you can imagine their surprise when me and my daughter started giving the bugs away! Everyone started playing with it rightaway!

HexBug Nanos are definitely a crowd pleaser. The kids were kept busy and happy all throughout the party. Thank you so much for the opportunity to host an awesome HexBug Nano Party!

Magnificent Manicure Kit Review

I got this Magnificent Manicure Kit in the mail two weeks ago to review. Though I’m not actively reviewing products anymore, something about this product sparked my curiosity. According to the kit’s description, kids can learn about cosmetic chemistry while enjoying a magnificent manicure! They can create their custom-scented lotion, make crystal mud, buff and shine nails, and much more!

They immediately claimed their stake on the package the moment they saw it. I told them they’d have to wait for the weekend to do it. So come Saturday, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.

Since I was busy that time with the Twilight saga (think I was reading Eclipse that time), I didn’t want to get my hands “dirty”, so I just let them have fun doing the experiment. The lotion concoction really smelled good. The kids had a blast following the step by step instructions, making sure they have accurate measurements of their potion’s ingredients. They can’t help but giggle in their new found independence in going through their “lab” project.

When their custom-scented lotion was done, they were of course very happy with their accomplishment and I was there beaming with pride for them. We all enjoyed soaking our hands and feet on the crystal mud, buffing our nails, and then moisturizing them with their “magic potion”. Our house was of course filled with the special scent which had the aromatherapy effect on it so it helped relaxed us more. All in all, I would say that it was a very good educational activity for the kids and a pleasurable girly experience for all of us.

Here are some more facts about the “Scientific Explorer” Magnificent Manicure Kit:

Scientific Explorer partnered with UC Berkeley’s Great Exploration in Math and Science (GEMS) program to create fun educational kits like the Magnificent Manicure Kit.

In fact, the Magnificent Manicure Kit just picked up Creative Child Magazine’s 2009 Toy of the Year Award in the Educational Toys category.

Magnificent Manicure Kits gives you everything you need to turn your house into a nail spa for the day!

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