NoPlastic Is The Healthy Alternative

So hubby was going through the kitchen cabinets one day looking for something, when he suddenly stopped and asked me, “honey, are we collecting lunchboxes? Didn’t know you have a thing for lunchboxes (and water bottles), you just have tons of them in here already, and we only have two kids to use them…. unless you’re planning for the future, ahem, (wink-wink).” Oh, shut up! The only reason why I have tons of lunchboxes and water bottles is because of my never ending quest to find the perfect one.

I hate plastics! Especially if you read about the toxic stuff in them! I attempted to have the kids use glass in school, but I was yelled at, because it could pose danger to the kids when they break (make sense). So I’ve been looking, and buying, and looking, and buying eternally!

Now, I came across through my nossiness and surfing ability and got curious about the lunchbots and their flasks. But of course, being the paranoid mom that I am, I have concerns about the stainless steel material as well. So I didn’t buy rightaway, and took my merry mom time learning about it. It was only when it was assured that it is SAFE and there is NO leaching of aluminum and other chemical toxic stuff into the food or drink that I was convinced to give it a try.

So I bought the lunchbots uno and duo, as well as the 18 0z. flask – two of each for my kids to try. My order shipped from Canada and was very fast. When it got here, you can just imagine my hubby’s eyebrow going up when he saw the package… another one of your collections? He was starting to mock me when I opened the package, and he’s like, they actually look hip and cool… maybe I can try them sometime… I’m like, whatever.

My kids actually love them. They said their friends keep asking them where they got it. I actually love the fact that my kids are not only using safe lunchboxes and water bottles now, they are also so much easier to wash unlike plastics. And of course, the fact that it helps us significantly cut down on our footprint, makes me feel fulfilled and environmentally responsible.

Now, hold it right there! Don’t go running and buying yet. Ramin, the owner of has generously offered a $5 discount on any purchase of $30 or more. Just use the hot mom promo in the discount coupon box. But don’t wait long because the discount is only good until June 30, 2009!

There you go, my hot moms. If you, by any chance, love plastics, you can take all my plastic lunchboxes and water bottles now, coz I am sticking with NoPlastic and have no use for my plastic ones anymore . You can’t go wrong with this healthy alternative and this is definitely one of my favorite mom tips to share.

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