So What’s It Gonna Be, Girl?

Ok. I just got off the phone talking to a friend. And somehow, I’m a bit irked. Why? Because you always hear her complain no matter what! Try helping her solve her issues and she have different excuses. She has every reason NOT to do what she’s claiming she wants to do. And yet, she’s whinning… Soooo totally NOT cool!

Two things I’d like to point out.

First, BE HAPPY NOW. Of course we all have dreams and aspirations. But what’s happening is we’re not enjoying the present because we are so focused in the future. Be grateful for what we have right now – families, friends, material stuff, etc. and enjoy the journey of getting to where we want to be. An attitude of gratitude will keep us attracting things that we will be more grateful of. It’s simple law of attraction. Whine all the time and you’ll end up getting more reasons to whine about. Hot moms know this rule and live by it!

Second. If you keep on coming up with every reason not to do what you want to do, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I really want?
  • What is stopping me from getting what I want?
  • What’s it gonna take for me to start working towards it?

If you still find yourself just whining and not doing anything about it, then it’s not the right dream for you. Because if it is, you will find a way – no matter what – to get there. And if you trust and listen to your instincts, you will get there.

So shut up, and find out what you really want!

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