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The series of posts I’ll be doing this week will be dedicated to being Green in relation to the Earth Week celebration. I’d like to focus our fitness family activities this week educating and getting my family more exposed and involved in green living.

Let’s start with our diet. If you’re close to me, you already know that I’ve converted to organic and all-natural diet five years ago. Why? Healthy eating for me doesn’t just involve calorie counting. Most importantly, I prefer to eat foods that are not genetically modified, does not have pesticides, antibiotics, additives, preservatives, or growth hormones in it. I’d like to eat foods that are produced naturally without any man-made chemicals.

I’ve dedicated a whole article on why I’ve chosen to adopt an organic and all-natural lifestyle for my family. Now I’m not saying that we don’t eat anything else but organic, but if I can limit it, especially at home where I have more control, why not? My kids are becoming more and more aware that it’s really important to pay attention on what we put into our body. Eating less processed, all-natural, and organic foods that are not loaded with toxins is one of the best defenses we could give our body. And in doing so, we also help save our environment and planet by supporting our local farmers.

Workout routines. This coming week, my family will be focusing more on outdoor activities like:

More family walks / biking around our community. It’s funny coz my kids are begging me if they could go to school just biking. If their school is not 12 miles away from our home, I would gladly let them. But since we’re driving them to school instead, we’re thankful that we have a hybrid car to use.

Raking, mowing, and cleaning the front/backyard. Hopefully this week will be warm enough so we could finally do this.

Jogging/running outdoors. I will be taking a break from the 30 Day Shred workout this week to run and appreciate nature more, and help conserve electricity.

If we have time, I’d also like us to do some gardening. I’m sure my kids would have a blast planting, but our priority would be the raking and mowing first.

There you go my hot moms. I don’t have a lot of update this week except that I continued doing the 30 Day Shred level 1 and I am ready to progress to level 2 which I’ve decided to postpone so we can focus on working out outdoors, save electricity, and enhance our connection with both the environment and community.

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