Did You Know That Standing Up Makes You Lose Fat?

Did you know that? Yep. According to Realge.com, people who sit around too much have their enzymes that breaks down fat, practically turned off. But no worries, you can turn it back on again. How? Well, for one, stop being a couch potato! Their studies on animals show that cutting back on time spent moving around had a big impact on the enzymes that helps break down fat in the body, slashing it by 94 percent in LESS than one day’s worth of inactivity! So get high on the sugar and start fidgeting! Whoa! Hold it right there! I’m KIDDING about the sugar, so don’t you dare!

But I’m serious about fidgeting, and moving, and pacing, just do whatever, but get those legs moving! Even if you already have a formal workout routine. How, how, how?

Here are some mom tips:

I know how you love to be with your computers all day long. I feel the same way too. My laptops (yeah I have two, then my kids and hubs share with one), are on top of my counters, so we’re standing while surfing. Try it, when you get tired, move around, or stretch. Better yet, do something else besides being with your computer.

Have small walking breaks at work. Get your water, or coffee, or snacks from the cafe on the farthest building. Don’t laugh, I do that when I’m at work. I even go potty on the farthest restroom!

Don’t race to get the parking spot nearest to your building. Get the farthest spot! I park at the farthest spot of the farthest building. Yes, cross my heart. Except on times I’m running late for a meeting, I settle for the visitor parking space. Shhh.

When working from home, which I do most of the time, don’t be glued to your desk. Have walking breaks as well. Walk your dog outside several times a day, and have fun together in the sun.

Multi-task during your breaks. Pick up some chores you could do standing up like washing the dishes, or dusting, or cut your veggies for dinner. Chores never end so your possibilities are endless.

Have a treadmill at home but too bored to use it? Yes, I was talking about me. Well, I built a desk on it. A friend of mine (Kim from Mentally Inked) inspired me to do it. Now, when I’m behind my step counts (I target for 10K steps a day), I just work from my treadmill, or even watch movies or shows from my computer while walking! Isn’t that great?

Finally, use a pedometer or a gruve to make you aware of how active you are during the day. They really help motivate you to keep on moving.

Protect Yourself From Nuclear Fallout

In light of what’s happening in Fukushima, I’ve listened to 2 interviews featuring David Wolf on how we can protect ourselves from the harmful effects of radiation. Based on the interviews, the radiation from Fukushima is brought up to the upper atmosphere by the jetstream pulling it across the ocean , and is projected to descend on the mountains of Northern California, Oregon, Washington state and British Columbia.

So if you’re concerned about the potential effects this has on you and how you can protect yourself and your family, you will want to listen to these two interviews.

The first interview covers:

The top radiation-absorbing foods and herbs (that can protect you and your family!)

What to do if you are in a highly radioactive area.

The importance of protecting your “shield gland”.

The incredible substance that “contains” nuclear fallout in the earth (that you can safely ingest into your body)… and so much more!

Click here to listen to the first interview.

The second interview covers:

The shocking news (that nobody else is reporting on) about ANOTHER radioactive leak today… from the Ontario Canada nuclear station into Lake Ontario!

Crucial updates on the state of Fukushima reactors 1-6 and the potential for radiation exposure outside of Japan.

The top 12 recommneded foods and supplements as well as specific dosages for exposure to trace amounts of radiation.

The very dangerous by-products of radiation like alpha particles which instantly damage our body.

Mineral subtrates such as boron and selenium that subdue runaway oxidation from radiation.

And most of all… the dangers of eating high on the food chain!

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