How To Conquer Our Own Fears

Have you noticed how sometimes even though you really want to do something, you just can’t seem to have the guts to do it? Or at one point, when everything seems to be really going well, you’ll fold back and quit because you either think it’s too good to be true or believe it will never work in the end?

These, according to a leadership coaching program I’ve been through, are called limiting beliefs. All of us have these kinds of beliefs that we’ve either acquired through experience or was just passed on to us by the people around us or from simply observing our surroundings.

One form of limiting belief — and the most common one too – is that voice that keeps telling us we’re not good enough. No matter what we do, we won’t succeed because we’re just not good enough. Kinda like an unsolicited self improvement advice, only this one sabotages you, and you can’t hide from it. Sound familiar?

This inner voice is very powerful. Not only does it affect our self esteem, but it clouds the way we see ourselves and prevent us from taking inspired action. A lot of people, including myself have missed a lot of opportunities because of this self-defeating inner voice.

So how can we conquer this powerful, sabotaging inner voice?

First, think of what we can accomplish if we just believe in our own capabilities and start taking action. People who take action, move forward and closer to accomplishing their goals versus those that procrastinate or just totally quit. Believing in yourself not only gives you motivation, but helps you persevere when the going gets tough.

Learn to catch yourself when that nagging inner voice is creeping up on you again and is sabotaging you. Being aware of this inner voice’s presence when it is trying to attack will help you deal with it. Give that inner voice a name. I call mine “Grim”, coz whenever I hear that voice, it just zaps out all the confidence in myself. I tell “Grim” to take a hike everytime I catch it. I’m not kidding, it works! Growth coaching actually provides different techniques in dealing with these.

Turn your limiting belief into its exact opposite that you believe is true for yourself. Whenever you hear that voice reminding you of that limiting belief again, start telling yourself the exact opposite. Turn this into an affirmation that you repeat to yourself on a regular basis.

Now imagine yourself already accomplished your goal or dream. How does that feel? What would be different if you are already living that dream? What’s stopping you from living that dream?

Finally, ask yourself, how ready are you to face your fears and conquer your limiting beliefs so you can finally live your dreams?

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