The Secret

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to watch a documentary DVD entitled The Secret. It revealed a very powerful concept that has been used by famous people like Plato, Leonardo, Galileo, Napoleon, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Edison, Einstein and Carnegie, to name but a few. I was one of the fortunate people to be informed of its release by no other than Joe Vitale, who was also in the movie. I wasted no time and ordered it rightaway. When it came on Friday, I gathered my family and convinced them to watch it with me. Ok, fine, I forced them to watch it with me. I believed in the value of the film so much that I didnt want them to miss it happy now?

So what is The secret is the Universal Law Of Attraction, using the power of the mind to attract what you desire. Its about focusing all your energy on what you want as oppose to what you dont want. Freeing yourself of your negative thoughts and issues and opening up yourself to receive what you wished for.

Discover your kids talents and passions, build their imagination and promote cooperation through the concept of play and flow. Its about spending quality time with them and showing them theyre worth your time. Teaches curiosity and social skills, develop confidence, and letting them learn from failure. An effective way of teaching lesson on positive emotions and confidence. Effective play challenges the minds and fosters relationships while theyre having fun. It also encourage them to develop their own ideas. Ineffective play is very structured, has too many rules, overly competitive, promotes destructive behavior and not fun at all.

  1. Ask. Intend what you want. Either you write it down or not, its all up to you. Its not about the words all about the power of intention and attaching feelings to it.
  2. Answer. You dont have to do anything here. The universe (or spirit or God as Joe Vitale puts it in his book) will do this for you, just put your trust in it.
  3. Receive. This step is usually missed by most of us. Whatever you intend, the universe always answers ALWAYS! But we tend to overlook it by missing the signs. If were too much focused on how were gonna achieve something and the universe is answering the other way, we tend to ignore it therefore, we miss the opportunity of receiving. We must be in alignment with the universe to receive what we ask for.

The universal law of attraction is not actually a new concept to me. In fact, a great section of my book The Powerful Habits Of Raising Confident Kids is dedicated in instilling this concept not only to our kids but including us the parents, as we are their role models. Why? Because it doesnt only influences a persons self esteem, this powerful concept changes the way a person views his life. It teaches him to be in control of his life and destiny. And what better time to instill these values to our kids than when they are still young?

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