Is raising kids’ self confidence my real purpose in life?

I’ve been very quiet these past few months. No blog postings, and no new online initiatives. It seems like for a while, all I wanted to do was to find a way to connect to my higher self, do some soul searching, and find out what my real purpose in life is. I just happen to feel like there’s something more to what I should be doing instead of just teaching kids how to have a great self esteem.

For a while, I’ve been sidetracked by opportunities from my full time job as well as family life. Which lead me to question myself if I am here to use my talents to serve the corporate world or to continue my mission of raising kids’ self confidence.

Well, guess what? After months of watching things go by silently, I’ve had a cosmic kick in the butt. Not only did my sales go up by 366% from last year, my traffic soared to 600% over the past month. People I’ve met recently keeps telling me to continue doing what gives my heart joy and help uplift mankind’s consciousness.

So, I’m back again! This time, with a much clearer intention: To empower people by helping them break through their limiting beliefs and be transformed from within. My mission is not only raise your self confidence but help you BE THE CAUSE of all great things you want in life. I call it “The Enlightened Confidence.”

In fact, my ebook: The Powerful Habits Of Raising Confident Kids, already covers the most simplistic way of transforming yourself and your whole family into a higher level of consciousness. But I’m being directed to go beyond what my ebook covers.

So now, I’m busy as ever rebuilding my entire site to offer you more knowledge about transforming yourself from within and be enlightened!It will take a couple of months to implement the new site but I am now back to regularly posting updates to my blog. So check back every week!

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