Mom Tips: Get The Royal Treatment With Bella Sara!

So I got these trading cards to review courtesy of Team Mom, but before I could even open them, they were gone from my hands. My girls heard that I got some trading cards and became too excited they just took it away from me.

SweetiePot: Mom! These are Bella Sara trading cards, oh my!

Me: I know, and those are mine so give them back!

HoneyPot: Uh, what are you gonna do with them, mom?

Me: I’ll take a look at them and find out why you kids are so crazy about them.

SweetiePot: But mom, you’re suppose to collect and trade them, not just look at them.

Me: What-e-ver… they’re my trading cards so I can do whatever I want with them. Now hand the cards to me…..{tapping fingers while waiting}… like, right now! {kids started handing over the cards but were telling me to give it back to them after my review… when I said…}

Me: Boo! {kids got startled and screamed}… Now begone and leave me in peace!

Me: {While looking at the cards, I started talking to myself} Now, let’s see why you’re so special… oh wow, didn’t know horses can have so many looks and styles..they looked royal and magical though, that’s probably why.

While looking at each card, I’ve noticed that they do have smart and inspirational messages in there. Messages like:

“Choose friends who are positive and loving”

“Keep your heart open, believe in getting and giving love”

“Begin your story with a dream that inspires you”

I think putting inspirational messages on these cards is an excellent idea! My kids are gonna be playing with them anyway, so why not put messages in there that could inspire and motivate them? Love this awesome feature.

Bella Sara is the most successful trading card product ever created for girls, features horse-themed fantasy cards that offer positive, inspirational messages. The ninth series called “Royalty” lets you experience the royal realms and fantastic castles in the magical land of North of North. For the first time ever, Sara, the goddess of North of North, is introduced with her very own card.

Now, I don’t know where North of North is, but I’m into royalty and castles and godesses! This is getting fun! What’s more exciting is that the trading card game is complemented by magical online land of North of North ( – home to the beautiful horses pictured on Bella Sara trading cards. Now, I have read that the code (take note, not five or seven codes, but just ONE code) that comes in each card pack can unlock horses, horseshoes, castle rooms, and items and prizes for your online cottage! Sa-weet!

So I’ve started exploring this magical new world online, and I’ve discovered new royalty-themed activities, noble stories about magical realms, jigsaw puzzles, downloadable wallpapers, and variety of printable activities! Cool! There’s just so many ways to explore and be creative… and all for the price of $2.99 per card pack! Nice! I’m gonna be busy for hours here… when…

HoneyPot: Mom, can I have my turn now????

Me: {rolling my eyes} fine, honey… here you go…

The entire Bella Sara collection will be available throughout North America at Target, Wal-mart, Amazon,, Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Kmart, as well as regional chains, booksellers and toy, hobby and equestrian shops.

SweetiePot: Where are you going mom?

Me: Stay with Dad, honey. I’ll be back soon… I’m getting my own Bella Sara trading cards! See you!

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