On Mom Cafe: Is relaxing on your agenda?

Top pick for mom cafe this week. I can’t wait for the weekend! I soooo wanna be this cat right now… Thanks to liquene for this very relaxing photo…

What are you doing this weekend? Is relaxing on your agenda? I was just chatting with a friend who seems to be all booked up this weekend that I got exhausted just by reading her schedule. As moms, this is one thing that doesn’t cost anything to get, but seems to be very elusive! Well, I guess we’ll just have to pencil it in! Jot it down on your planner, pda, calendar, or whatever. Like working-out, make mom time for it, and just do it!

Do you have any mom tips for relaxing? Share it here, on mom cafe!

How Technology Affects Our Health & Well-Being

I have two very interesting videos here that discusses in detail how EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) affect our body. What we may be experiencing right now could be caused by these frequencies constantly poking us inhibiting our body to perform its normal healing functions.

I’m NOT in any way affiliated with the company, though, I bought rejuvenizers for myself and my whole family and have been wearing it every single day for more than two years now. Why? Just being paranoid and wants protection of some sort. It just felt right (and it still does) when I saw this product so I got one for each of us.

I liked how they have shown how EMFs affect us, and thought it might be worth your mom time to learn something new, so I’m sharing it here on mom cafe.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think about EMFs? Are you now as paranoid as I am? I want to hear from you, my hot moms!

Mom Tips For Working Out In The Kitchen

If you’re like me, the only part of me that gets a good workout in the kitchen is my jaw. I didn’t think that the kitchen would also be a good place to tone my abs as I’m used to watching my abs “stretch” out over the years in this very same place. So why the kitchen?

As much as I would like to workout in a fancy gym like the Lifetime Fitness, I don’t have the mom time to go there and I hate to waste money on something I would barely use, so forget it. But then again, if Lifetime Fitness would give me a family membership for promoting them here, I’d take it! Anyway, kitchen is where I spend most of my mom time when I’m at home. In fact, this is where my whole family hangs out most of the time so working out in the kitchen would be a good fitness family activity to try!

Below is an awesome video from GE Strong As Steel showing you different mom tips on how you can make use of your kitchen appliances in getting that hot mom look you very much deserve.

Did You Know That… Mom Tips For Losing Belly Fat

Did you know that… according to Realge.com, certain nutrients can actually help you keep your pant size down? They are called FLAVANOIDS which are antioxidant-like compounds that can be found in certain types of foods. These flavanoids help you curb your belly bulge by actually improving your metabolic profile. So which foods contain this awesome nutrient?

  • sweet peppers
  • onions
  • leeks
  • pears
  • apple
  • tea
  • chocolate
  • broad beans
  • wine

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